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chapter 6 by Mind Map: chapter 6

1. Each representation of a function describes the same relation to generate the others.

2. Function

2.1. An activity or purpose natural to intended for a person or thing.

3. failed line test

3.1. If the line hit two places its not a function.

4. passed line test

4.1. If the vertical line hit one place on graph then it is the function.

5. First differences

5.1. Are constant in linear functions.

6. Second differences

6.1. Is contant quadratic function.

7. f(x) or g(x) means y=

7.1. f(2) means that you should find the value of ´y´when ´x´ equal 2.

8. Example

9. d = 50 - 2t

10. Distance is equal to 50 minus 2 meter per second

11. th