How to Get Started on AWS

Everything you need to know about How to Get Started on AWS. Further information is available on the Amazon Web Services website on [Map Published on 27 January 2019]

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How to Get Started on AWS by Mind Map: How to Get Started on AWS

1. Complete Free Basic Training

1.1. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Digital)

1.2. Introduction to AWS (from

1.3. Watch "Best Practices for Getting Started on AWS" 56mins

2. Choose Your First Use Case

2.1. Test & dev

2.2. Backup & DR

2.3. Greenfield Project

2.4. Pain Point

3. AWS Architecture

3.1. Getting Started: Main

3.2. Getting Started: Developers

3.3. AWS Architecture Centre

3.4. Buy software from the AWS Marketplace

4. Next Steps

4.1. AWS Training & Certification

4.2. AWS Digital Training

4.3. AWS YouTube Channel

4.4. AWS YouTube Webinars

4.5. AWS Podcast

5. Open a Free AWS Account

5.1. AWS Answers

6. Get Further Help

6.1. Get Support from AWS

6.2. Find an AWS Certified Partner

6.3. Speak to an AWS Sales Representative