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1. Chinese solo female travellers

1.1. Risk

1.1.1. Having Marijuana Party

1.1.2. Living with other people

1.1.3. Lots of property Lots of cash Wearing gold and silver jewelry

1.1.4. Sexual harassment

1.1.5. Sexual assault

1.1.6. Traveling at night

1.1.7. Walking on a quite street at night

1.1.8. Drinking lots of wine

1.1.9. Excessive attention

1.1.10. Overestimate the ability to carry weight

1.1.11. Going to high-risk area

1.1.12. Trick

1.2. Gender

1.2.1. Some women have dependent psychology

1.2.2. Some women have independent personality

1.2.3. Some women prefer to believe in gut feelings

1.2.4. Some women prefer to take adventure

1.2.5. Some people despise women

1.2.6. Male prefer to attack and female prefer to guard

1.2.7. Woman is a man's prey

1.3. Solo

1.3.1. Transportation Hitchiking Public transportation

1.3.2. Accommodation Couch surfing Youth Hostels Association Hotel

1.3.3. Motivation Freedom Random only one person without accompany

1.3.4. Volunteer work

1.4. Outcomes

1.4.1. Positive energy Strengthen courage Strengthen self-reliance Strengthen confidence

1.4.2. Making lots of friends

1.4.3. Learning lots of knowledge

1.4.4. Knowing lots of culture

1.5. Suggestion

1.5.1. Paying more attention to manners

1.5.2. Wearing a ring

1.5.3. Telling a lie

1.5.4. Asking for help

1.5.5. Connecting with family and friends frequency

1.5.6. Having appropriate communication with strangers

1.5.7. Learning about local security

1.5.8. Well planning

1.5.9. Avoiding getting drunk

1.5.10. Avoiding traveling at night

1.5.11. Carrying a self-defense gadget

1.5.12. Accommodation suggestion

1.5.13. Transportation suggestion

1.5.14. Wearing suggestion

1.5.15. Accompany with other people

1.5.16. Protecting property

1.5.17. Well equipment

1.5.18. Registering in the police station