Chapters 1-5 Thoughts and Reflection

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Chapters 1-5 Thoughts and Reflection by Mind Map: Chapters 1-5 Thoughts and Reflection

1. Qualitative v Quantitative I teach science and these terms are used in connection with observations. Using them for research will be new for me.

2. Stages in Research I've never thought about the steps before. This makes perfect sense.

3. Scientific Inquiry - Again, familiar because I teach it in my classroom. Looking forward to using it for my research.

4. Evaluating the Problem - Not only should it be researchable, but should be ethically appropriate. (so important)

5. Variables

6. Research options - I plan to utilize all options available through the Hunter Library!! (I feel like I may struggle with this area the most)

7. Hypothesis - this goes FAR beyond the middle school version that I use in class.

7.1. Deductive

7.2. Alternative

7.3. Directional

7.4. Inductive

7.5. Null

7.6. Research

7.7. Testable

8. Inductive v Deductive

9. Can it be researched? Thinking about this, I really need to think. Can it be researched? If not, it's time to change plans.

10. Theories - criteria and purpose