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1. First conditional: if+subject+present simple(in the situation). Subject+will/won´t+infinitif(consequence)

1.1. If they follow the rules, they won´t have any problems (situation+consequence)

1.2. They´ll be in trouble if they don´t get home on time

1.3. We use the first conditional for possible or probable situations in the future

2. Second contitional:if+subject+past simple.(in the situation). subject+would/wouldn´t+ infinitif.

2.1. If i had more time, i would tell you all my news(situation+consequence)

2.2. They would split up if they didn´t get on

2.3. We use the second conditional for hypothetical situation in the future

3. Third conditional:If+subject+past perfect.(situation) Subject+would/wouldn´t have+past perfect.

3.1. If they had settled down, they would have been happier(situation+consequence)

3.2. We wouldn´t have met if we hadn´t taken part in the show( consequence+situation)

3.3. We use the third conditional when we imagine the consequences of a situation after it has happened.