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web analytics

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web analytics by Mind Map: web analytics

1. what`s is web analytics?

2. is to analyze the results of marketing analysis

3. and

4. make the most accurate decisions about our website to:

5. 1.optimize the website to sell or attract more customers

6. 2.improve marketing actions

7. 3.identify the right audience

8. tracking parameter

9. is to measure the tracking number of a web page

10. It also focuses on results-based indicators, such as the conversion rate

11. metric

12. They help us understand the relationships with the objectives we are setting

13. some web metrics

14. Corporate websites:

15. diffuses the name of the company

16. Content websites

17. is one that captures the traffic of networks and users that repeat visits

18. Website services

19. the objective could be to attract new customers or generate contact requests

20. Sales websites:

21. the goal is to get sales