e-banking system

e-banking new system design

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e-banking system by Mind Map: e-banking system

1. Advertising agency

1.1. user loyalty program

1.2. Advertising on physical place

1.3. advertising on social media & website

2. physical place requirement

2.1. office

2.1.1. HR office

2.1.2. customer service office

2.1.3. central office mangment

3. project software requirement

3.1. installing ATM software

3.2. installing office-pc software

3.3. configuration Network device

4. project hardware requirement

4.1. office hardware requirement

4.2. Datacenter requirement

4.2.1. server room

4.2.2. backup system

4.2.3. cabling server room device

4.3. ATM requirement

4.3.1. build network system network

4.3.2. provide core inside security

4.4. machine card generator

4.4.1. business card

4.4.2. personal card

4.4.3. gift card

5. over all security system

5.1. provide security system by by external company

6. provide service

6.1. ATM service

6.1.1. deposite money

6.1.2. withdraw money

6.1.3. transfer money

6.2. internet service

6.2.1. website service & mobile application exchange digital money to crypto currency exchange curency to antother curency create accounte transfer money to another account online payment loan money pay tax online & donate money airline ticket reserve e-mail notification support e-commerce feature location ATM finder feedback service

6.3. compatibility

6.3.1. create API service

6.3.2. link with other bank system