Tornado IM Plan

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Tornado IM Plan by Mind Map: Tornado IM Plan

1. Tornado Formation

1.1. how does it actually start

1.2. what does it look like when it starts

1.2.1. images of funnel clouds and how to recognize them

1.3. Watch The Birth of a Tornado | National Geographic

2. Tornado Safety Procedures

2.1. difference between a watch and warning

2.2. does your town have a tornado siren? how do you find out

3. Tornado Location

3.1. Tornado Alley

3.1.1. how has it shifted over time?

3.2. when are you most at risk in your area to experience a tornado?

4. Community Involvement

4.1. how can you get involved with a community after an event such as this occurs

4.1.1. are there websites where you can help?

4.1.2. is there some sort of website I could show them that has to do with being involved and helping a community that was recently hit with a tornado

4.2. explore other community involvement

4.2.1. Live Updates on Tornado Damage - Moore, Oklahoma