Saving My Life

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Saving My Life by Mind Map: Saving My Life

1. The people that were throwing those stuff, they used that advantages to get in into the people's house to throw those bombs, too.

1.1. In some how, they cut the electricity of all the departments to have make their actions more easy.

2. I was alone taking care of the house while my parents went to China

3. I was 14 years old when it happened

4. Everything started at between 7-8 P.M.

5. Suddenly people started to close their business

6. A large groups of motorcyclists past to the streets making loud noises and shooting on the air, but more specifically to houses like departments because I lived in place similar to the downtown.

7. A couple tanks that the army uses came in to the streets with lots of police officers and the national guard, too.

8. People in their houses started to make sound with their pans to show their disagreement (protest).

9. The police and the guards started to throw tear gas

10. Those people that were in the streets were running to find a save place to breathe because of the tear gas.

11. My brother in law manage to went up in to my floor and helped me to get out of the place to go to their house where it was almost more safety than mine

11.1. He lives with my sister approximately one block away from my house.

11.2. I had to packed everything (my essential stuff) in almost 5 minutes to get out of my house quickly before the tear gas could came into the entire house.

12. This took almost 3 hours to calmed down everything.

13. At the middle of the way to my brother in law's house. We saw in our back that there were people with guns and motorcycle coming in our direction

13.1. After that, I remember that my brother in law told me to run as fast as I can, so we did it in order to avoid them

13.1.1. we ran like in those actions movies because we were so focus in running without stopping that we were also jumping over the obstacles to arrive to his house where my sister was waiting for us behind the door more faster.