Johntavius’s personal plan

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Johntavius’s personal plan by Mind Map: Johntavius’s personal plan

1. 1. I want to be successful in life

1.1. get a job

1.2. Stay out of trouble

1.3. Always think positive

2. I want to help everyone out as much as I can

2.1. Making my family proud

2.2. Just knowing that I had something to prove and I did it

3. 3. Barriers

3.1. Getting in trouble

3.1.1. Not focusing

4. Start date Jan 27

4.1. End date: Jan 27 2025

5. 5. Family

5.1. Mom:Candice

5.1.1. Brothers: hyme and zack Sister: celebrity

6. 6. Outcomes

6.1. Have a family

6.1.1. Have a house

7. Quote: going backwards is not acceptable, keep moving forward