Ineffective Webinars

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Ineffective Webinars by Mind Map: Ineffective Webinars

1. People

1.1. Trainers

1.1.1. trainer's experience, (new trainers are giving the trainings)(TTT) house rules for trainers, and making sure they use&apply it, write it somewhere.

1.1.2. trainers don't organize the training sufficiently create webinar structure, pointing where to explain the theory, q&a, exercisee, how long, etc.

1.1.3. TTT is not effective as it should be

1.1.4. Trainers are not motivated

1.2. Attendees

1.2.1. too much information to handle divide the session and the time, more how to do session

1.2.2. proper behavior, focus on properly HOUSE rules for the trainings, better to check existing ones and extend it for webinars.

1.2.3. the number of the attendees effect (less is better) limit the attendees(max 10) and increase the number of the sessions,

1.2.4. the attendees are not known before training. knowing attendees will help trainers & facilitators involve them

1.3. Organizer

1.3.1. time, flexibility/ organization are not completely done. Small issues have butterfly effect. Better organizations

1.3.2. technical issues effect the whole trainings

2. Method

2.1. training time is not adjusted. Sometimes too long, sometimes too short.

2.2. organizing the training

2.3. trainer's approach to discuss (how they make people ready&open to talk)

2.4. difficulty of questions is not adjusted to the target group

2.5. The content & QAs are not homogeneously spread

3. Technology/Equipment

3.1. audio&video&connection quality is low

3.1.1. IT guides for connection related issues

4. Material

4.1. TM is not updated/not specific/too specific(not adapted to the target group)

5. Measurements

5.1. SME KM has no stardards

5.1.1. SME needs more guidance about guiding the trainers

5.2. there is no measurement

5.2.1. Knowledge test(how much the content is understood) after trainings to be done talk about existing knowledge tests and how they are applied(same for the feedback)

5.2.2. Run feedback & survey(take into account the frequency of the survey)

5.3. followup, interview, feedback is not sufficiently done

5.3.1. how can we create trainer network? how can we transfer the trainer's knowledge to the next trainer?

5.4. we don't know enough the trainers, there is no strategy