How to make students stay healthy

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How to make students stay healthy by Mind Map: How to make  students stay healthy

1. Define healthy food

1.1. Activities

1.1.1. Games or trip story

2. what is the different between the organic food ,Fast food and the regular food

2.1. Activities

2.1.1. Benefits of organic food students recipes Easy peasy risotto with chilli & mint crumbs Microwave shakshuka

2.1.2. Food pyramid Vegetables Grains

2.1.3. Fast food side effects for fast food Healthy Food Vs Junk Food Song!

2.1.4. Regular food Organic Vs. Regular food What Does Organic Mean and is Organic Food Healthier?

3. Resources of the organic food

3.1. Whole Foods Market

3.2. The Non-GMO Project