Government-led climate change mitigation

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Government-led climate change mitigation by Mind Map: Government-led climate change mitigation

1. Reduce energy use

1.1. Education campaigns on ways to reduce energy consumption

1.2. Install charging stations for electric cars so people have the option to switch

1.3. Economic incentives

1.3.1. GHG tax on companies

1.3.2. Investing in research for more efficient ways of reducing emissions

1.3.3. Subsidising public transport

1.3.4. Road tolls and parking fees to discourage car use

2. Switch to renewables

2.1. Solar

2.1.1. Thermal/photovoltaic panels

2.2. Wind

2.2.1. Wind turbines

2.3. Hydro

2.3.1. Dams

2.4. Geothermal

2.4.1. Geothermal plants in areas of hot land

3. Reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions

3.1. Agriculture

3.1.1. Reduce fertiliser usage

3.1.2. Reduce methane production from livestock by selective breeding or changing feed stock

3.1.3. Utilise livestock waste as energy source

3.2. Transport

3.2.1. Replace petrol/diesel vehicles with electric/hybrid vehicles

3.2.2. Substitute fossil fuels for bio fuels (biodiesel, bioethanol)

3.2.3. Legislation (emission standards for car manufacturers)