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English 102 by Mind Map: English 102

1. Goal#1: Rhetorical Awareness

1.1. SLO:Respond to a variety of writing contexts calling for purposeful shifts in structure, media, design, level of formality, tone, and/or voice.

1.1.1. Content and Response Journal A

1.1.2. Content and Response Journal B Content and Response B.docx

1.2. SLO:analyze the ways a text’s purposes, audiences, and contexts influence rhetorical options

1.2.1. Project 1: Draft 2 Group Case Analysis Case Studies #1 Group Case Studies Analysis.docx

1.2.2. Controversial Image Controversial Image.docx

2. Goal #2: Critical Thinking and Composing

2.1. SLO: employing a variety of research methods, including primary and/ or secondary research for purposes of inquiry

2.1.1. The Island Book Discussion The island Discussion.docx

2.1.2. Project 1 Draft 3 Journal 11.docx

2.2. SLO: Evaluate the quality, appropriateness, and credibility of sources

2.2.1. Controversial Image Peer Review Proj 1.docx

2.3. SLO: Synthesize research findings in development of an argument Compose persuasive researched arguments for various audiences and purposes, and in multiple modalities.

2.3.1. Project 3 Project 3.docx

3. Goal #3: Reflection and Revision

3.1. SLO: adapt composing and revision processes for a variety of technologies of modalities

3.1.1. Peer review from Peer review.docx Peer review.docx Peer review #2 Peer review 2.docx

3.2. SLO: Identify the collaborative and social aspects of writing process

3.2.1. Class reflection project 1 reflection Reflection Project 1.docx Reflection Project 2 Reflection 2.docx

4. Goal #4: Conventions

4.1. SLO: reflect on why genre conventions for structure, paragraphing, tone, and mechanics vary.

4.1.1. Journal 1 Journal 1.docx

4.2. SLO: Identify and effectively use variations in genre conventions, including formats and/ or design features.

4.2.1. Project 2 Draft #3 Project 2.docx

4.3. SLO: Demonstrate familiarity with the concepts of intellectual property ( such fair use and copyright) that motivate documentation conventions.

4.3.1. PowerPoint English 102 Diversity PowerPoint - Ingram.pptx

5. PG: Organization

5.1. Having my writing flow together from one sentence to another.

5.1.1. Journal 2 Journal 2.docx

6. PG: Detailed Writing

6.1. Being able to make an emotional connection with my audience.

6.1.1. Journal 1 Journal 1.docx

7. PG: Grammar

7.1. Through the process of editing I will develop a better understanding of grammar use's. Such as

7.1.1. Peer Review Peer Review Proj 1.docx

8. PG: Vocabulary

8.1. Being able to identify, articulate, and fully understand the meaning of the vocabulary used within the class.

8.1.1. Journal 3, Journal 3.docx