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Functions by Mind Map: Functions

1. Lesson 6-1: Determining the outcome using three different representations. Example: Table, Equation, or Graph.

1.1. _Examples: Graphs

1.2. Lesson 6-2: A linear function will not have a minimum or a maximum, but a quadratic function will have either a absolute minimum or absolute maximum.

1.3. Lesson 6-3: Piecewise Function: A function that is a combination of one or more functions. Step Function: A piecewise function that is constant over each interval in it's domain.

1.3.1. Lesson 6-4: Horizontal translations change both the rules and the intervals of piecewise functions. Vertical translations change only the rules. Lesson 6-5: Composition of Functions: The composition of functions f and g, written as (f = g) (x) and defined as f(g(x)) uses the output of g(x) as the input for f(x). Lesson 6-6: One-To-One Function: A function in which each y-value corresponds to only one x-value. The inverse of a one-to-one function is also a function.