Peer Evaluations

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Peer Evaluations by Mind Map: Peer Evaluations

1. How you get graded for your peer evaluations

1.1. Peer evaluation "Quiz"

1.1.1. Points assigned automatically

1.2. If you peer evaluation has an error, you lose the peer evaluation points

2. What you need to do

2.1. Make sure every rubric has been accomplished

2.2. Do NOT "go easy" on others, you can both lose points

2.3. Once that you submit an evaluation, you can't change it

2.4. Leave comments explaining your evaluation

2.4.1. Especially when deducting points

2.5. Subjective rubrics

2.5.1. They do not give or take away points, but your professor can decide to take some or all of the points

3. What happens in Canvas

3.1. Only students that finished the assignment on time receive peer evaluations

3.2. Peer evaluations are assigned right after the deadline (2 minutes later)

3.3. Peer evaluations are randomized by Canvas