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Forces by Mind Map: Forces

1. Have patterns

1.1. The more magnets you use the farther paper clips can be.

1.2. After 3-4 magnets little change in distance.

2. Change of motion

2.1. Needs a push or pull force to move

2.2. Needs a force to make objects stop.

3. Interaction always occurring

3.1. Distance between magnets matter.

4. Known types

4.1. Electromagnetism

4.1.1. Magnetism Magnetic Force Known as the magnetic field Has an invisible aura Reveals itself as a force when two magnets are brought near one another. Attract (pull) Repel (push) Interacts with objects Sticks to the object Does not stick together.

4.2. Gravity

4.2.1. Pulls everything on Earth toward Earth's center

4.2.2. Makes things fall

5. Magnets

5.1. Process called inducted magnetism.

5.1.1. Making two magnets attract and stick together.

5.2. Stenghth

5.2.1. Increases closer together magnets get. Changes depending on how many magnets you use.

5.2.2. Is different depending on the magnet.

6. Responsible for Changes in Directions

6.1. 2 same forces opposite direction

6.1.1. balanced Does not move

6.2. 2 different forces opposite directions

6.2.1. unbalanced