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SMC3 LTL by Mind Map: SMC3 LTL

1. CzarLite

1.1. The Base Rate Standard for Shippers

1.2. Negotiate your transportation spend using a consistent base rate across carriers, to ensure total pricing visibility

1.3. Quickly evaluate the impact of carrier rate adjustments, discounts and FAK classifications

1.4. Manage both traditional classification-based and density-based shipment pricing to adapt to global business standards

1.5. Streamline LTL rate negotiations by reducing or eliminating the need for ambiguous discount structures

1.6. Easily access and integrate benchmark rates into your business systems and technology platforms

2. RateWare XL (Rating uses this service currently)

2.1. Simplifies LTL Rating for Shippers

2.2. RateWare® XL allows shippers to efficiently and accurately manage less-than-truckload and small-package shipment pricing and transportation analysis in one comprehensive system.

2.3. Manage and optimize LTL rating complexity and logic

2.4. Support both density- and class-based rating

2.5. Conduct rate and bid analyses

2.6. Facilitate route planning and optimization

2.7. Accurately invoice customers

2.8. Integrate with ease into TMS modeling and other enterprise-wide business and supply chain applications

3. BatchMark XL

3.1. Speeds LTL Freight Bill Analysis

3.2. BatchMark® XL, a rapid rating tool that accurately rates or rerates thousands of LTL freight bills simultaneously.

3.3. Analyze and predict LTL freight transportation costs at a detailed level

3.4. Uncover pricing patterns and opportunities for cost efficiencies

3.5. Ensure accuracy of freight billing

3.6. Conduct rate analysis, bid analysis or re-rating analysis against multiple tariffs, including density-based rates.

4. CarrierConnect XL

4.1. Transit Time Guesswork is Over

4.2. CarrierConnect® XL compiles and continually updates transit times and service detail from more than 300 leading national, super-regional and regional carriers across North America, giving users the confidence to make the best choice for their LTL shipments.

4.3. Identify carrier operational capabilities including points of service, transit times and terminal-to-terminal networks

4.4. Compare the full-service portfolios of LTL carriers

4.5. Access transit information in both calendar-day and transit-day format

4.6. Analyze historical transit data

5. Bid$ense

5.1. Streamlines LTL Bidding for Shippers

5.2. Bid$ense® simplifies the process by automating, facilitating and managing the LTL procurement process between shippers and carriers.

5.3. Streamline and automate the entire RFP process with seamless integration

5.4. Supply detailed data for accurate procurement responses

5.5. Standardize communications to all participating carriers

5.6. Evaluate carrier responses with sophisticated analytics

5.7. Select the optimal LTL carriers and rates to meet your needs

6. FastClass

6.1. Freight Classification for Shippers

6.2. FastClass® from SMC³ provides reliable and speedy classification content, under agreement with the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA).

6.3. Avoid unexpected carrier re-rating and the associated costs

6.4. Plan new product packaging and distribution scenarios with shipping costs in mind

6.5. Package freight according to industry standards, minimizing loss and damage.

7. webRater

7.1. Instant LTL Spot Pricing Power

7.2. webRater® fills the need for LTL spot pricing and consistent application of individual rates, contract agreements and effective dates. Utilizing RateWare® XL, one of SMC³’s analytical freight APIs, there is no need for carriers to distribute software to their customers – access is available right on the carrier’s website.

7.3. webRater® supports these LTL spot pricing characteristics: 1. Fuel Surcharges 2. Management of Accessorial Charges 3. Multiple Discounts by Weight Break or ZIP Code 4. Multiple Class/Weight Groupings to Simplify Rating

8. CzarLite XL

8.1. CzarLite® XL, SMC³’s next generation pricing system, represents the industry’s most advanced benchmark base rate available.

8.2. Incorporates modern market freight flow patterns and high cost areas, reflecting the most current economic and geographic complexities of North American’s many regions

8.3. Reflects analysis of 116.8 million freight bills from 33 of the largest LTL carriers, a data set unique to SMC³

8.4. Is modeled by industry leading data scientists at SMC³, based on more than 80 years of LTL experience