Teaching in the 21st Century

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Teaching in the 21st Century by Mind Map: Teaching in the 21st Century

1. Tools

1.1. Blogs

1.2. Facebook

1.2.1. New node

1.3. Cell Phones

1.4. Twitter

1.5. Wikipedia

1.6. YouTube

1.6.1. New node

1.7. iPods

1.7.1. New node

1.8. Google

2. Teaching facts just doesn't do it anymore! We need to teach them skills

2.1. Teach them to be critical of information

2.2. We are the filter

2.3. Teach them to use information

2.4. Teach them to learn so that they can learn by themselves

3. Create is the highest

3.1. Connects to tools

4. Citizenship education

4.1. Plagerizing, prating, confidentiality

5. Online Reflection

5.1. Homework tools

6. Use tools in a positive way

6.1. Relevent

6.2. Chalenging

6.3. Engaging

7. Just do it!