Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde by Mind Map: Oscar Wilde

1. Analyzing Poetry

1.1. Style

1.1.1. All Types Of Poems - Poetry Forms, Definitions and Examples

1.2. Word Choice

1.3. Imagery

1.4. Line Analysis

1.5. Oscar Wilde

2. Analyzing Literature

2.1. Literary Terms

2.1.1. Literary Devices | Literary Terms

2.2. Themes

2.3. Genre

2.3.1. Aestheticism Aestheticism | art movement

2.3.2. Victorian Era Characteristics of Victorian era literature, novels and poetry Victorian Literature - New World Encyclopedia

3. Author Analysis

3.1. General Biography

3.1.1. Oscar Wilde timeline

3.2. Political Influences

3.2.1. File:Wasp cartoon on Oscar Wilde.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

3.3. Homosexual Themes

3.3.1. “Kiss Me on the Lips, for I Love You” Over A Century of Heterosexism in the Spanish Translation of Oscar Wilde | Rojas-Lizana | International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies