The journey to a home; Maria Martinez

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The journey to a home; Maria Martinez by Mind Map: The journey to a home; Maria Martinez

1. about me

1.1. Animals are very important to me, I want to create a positive impact on all the shelters and animals within.

1.1.1. I want to help animals find homes or even help shelters receive more donations in order to help the animals in the shelters

1.2. digital photos of shelters, animals

1.2.1. videos of animals/shelters

1.3. animals deserve rights too so they deserve someone to speak up for them and advocate for their rights and well being

2. contact

2.1. Email for the website

2.1.1. social media page for the website

2.2. If there are any questions, add the section where they can input their info and I will get back to them with whatever info they need

3. reference page

3.1. all sources

4. strategic planning

4.1. a map of a plan of my website

5. how to donate

5.1. insert contact information/links of organization/websites that accept donations

5.2. other ways of donating outside of money

6. organizations/shelters

6.1. mcacc in phx

6.2. arizona humane society

6.2.1. 4 paws animal rescue Links to the main pages of organizations with pictures included and maps to the locations

6.3. az animal welfare league

6.3.1. HALO animal rescue

7. volunteering

7.1. insert contact info/links of the organizations that have volunteering

8. petitions to sign to help animals

8.1. insert links of available petitions, multiple options will be available

9. Statement of purpose

9.1. The purpose of this website is to help the arizona community be more aware of the facts that revolve around animal shelters.

9.2. The website will also give those who are interested the opportunity to volunteer in shelters around az, it will give options on how to donate, and will provide direct connection to avaiable petitions that are targeted to helping animals

9.3. The website will also give the opportunity for viewers to post pictures of their pets to share with the rest of the viewers, with the purpose of cheering people up who take a look at the cute pictures posted.