Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences by Mind Map: Multiple Intelligences

1. Howard Gardner

1.1. introduced the MI theory

1.1.1. Believed different intelligence were used for problem solving. 8 different intelligences These intelligences are not learning styles,

1.1.2. Based on evolution

1.2. Intelligence is processing information in certain ways to solve a problem or to create a product.

1.3. New Candidates

1.3.1. Existential Intelligence Big questions No scientific evidence

1.3.2. Pedagogical Intelligence teaching No scientific evidence

1.4. Science Claims

1.4.1. We all have intelligences. No one has the same profile of intelligence

2. Bodily-Kinesthetic

2.1. using movement to help with problem solving

2.1.1. athletes, dancers, performers, etc.

3. Linguistic

3.1. ability to communicate through spoken and written language

3.1.1. Good at speaking, writing, reading, listening, rhyming, creating stories, discussing, learning languages, remembering information, and playing word games.

4. Logical-mathematical

4.1. logical, analytical, mathematical and scientific tasks

4.1.1. Good at math, reasoning, problem solving, logical and abstract thinking, scientific experiments, pattern recognition, logical games, numbers, and computers.

5. Musical

5.1. performance, composition, and music appreciation

5.1.1. Good at singing, dancing, playing an instrument, recognizing rhymical patterns, and remembering songs.

6. Spatial

6.1. perceive the visual world and manipulate and portray visual images

7. Interpersonal

7.1. ability to communicate and work with others

8. Naturalistic

8.1. Has concern and solves problems through nature.

9. How to use in the classroom

9.1. multiple ways to learn information

9.1.1. No one-size-fits all lesson Incorporate the arts for learning purposes. Don't label students based on intelligence.

10. Intrapersonal

10.1. ability to know yourself to form new ideas and problem solve

11. Question: How can multiple intelligences be incorporated into a school curriculum?

12. Keyword: skills

13. Sentence: Everyone has a unique set of intelligences.