How emotions influence learning

A research in action project for a course titled EDU270 at Rio Salado College.

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How emotions influence learning by Mind Map: How emotions influence learning

1. Students’ enjoyment, hope, and pride relate positively to their academic achievement, whereas hopelessness relates negatively to achievement.

2. "Emotions are expected to facilitate use of different learning strategies and to promote different styles of regulation including students’ self-regulation versus external regulation of learning."

3. “Positive emotional experiences play an important role in academic achievement and have a considerable impact on students’ ultimate success in the academic domain (Pekrun, Elliot, & Maier, 2009)”

4. “Both boredom and anxiety also lead to negative prediction of generalized achievement as measured by grade point average.”

5. “In Pekrun’s control-value theory (2006), achievement emotions are defined as emotions directly tied to achievement activities or achievement outcomes.Two types of achievement emotions can thus be distinguished: activity emotions pertaining to ongoing achievement-related activities, and outcome emotions pertaining to the outcomes of these activities.”