My ASL Career

ACC Concept Map 020319

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My ASL Career by Mind Map: My ASL Career

1. What Are Some ASL Career Opportunities?

1.1. What are some ASL career opportunities in Austin, Texas?

1.1.1. I will look on the web

1.2. Are the main ASL career opportunities in Schools?

2. What Are The Educational Requirements For An ASL Interpreter?

2.1. What are the educational requirements for an ASL interpreter in Austin, Texas?

2.1.1. I will ask an ACC Advisor in the ASL field

2.2. Will it take more than the Associates degree?

3. Are There Advocate Careers For The Deaf Community?

3.1. Are there advocate careers for the Deaf Community in Austin, Texas?

3.1.1. I will look in the ACC Library

3.2. What is an example of a career for an Advocate?

4. What Is The Salary Range For An ASL Interpreter?

4.1. What is the salary range for an ASL interpreter in Austin, Texas?

4.1.1. I will look on the web at