Parenting Current/Ex-inmates in Tucson


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Parenting Current/Ex-inmates in Tucson by Mind Map: Parenting Current/Ex-inmates in Tucson

1. Parenting curriculum

1.1. Triple P

1.1.1. Multiple levels of curriculum

1.2. Nurturing Parenting

1.2.1. Easy to understand, prevention and treatment

2. Requirements to go into the Prison

2.1. Clearance

2.1.1. Identify application process

2.2. Background checks

2.2.1. Limitations

2.3. Time in order to get in/out of prison

2.3.1. Obtain specifics on time requirement

3. Prisons in Tucson

3.1. State

3.2. Federal

4. Community Locations

4.1. Churches

4.1.1. Do they need to be members?

4.2. Non-profit organizations

4.2.1. Limitations/requirements?

4.3. Libraries

4.3.1. Rooms available, limitations?

5. Payment of classes

5.1. Identify funding source

5.1.1. Limitations may be present with inmate population