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1. TIDY Office

1.1. Clean Office Daily

1.1.1. Manage One Cleaner

1.1.2. Clean Office 1/2, toilet, meeting room

1.2. Fix Any Broken Things

1.2.1. Fix lighting

1.2.2. Fix Furnitures

1.2.3. Fix PC/Printers

1.3. Clear Rubbish

1.3.1. Clear All Rubbish Bin

1.3.2. Clear Old Paper,

1.3.3. Clear Broken electrical stuffs

1.3.4. Throw away old catalogue

1.4. Assign Storage, Filings, Cabinet

1.4.1. File Old Invoices / Receipt

1.4.2. Clear and Clean Cabinet Regularly

1.4.3. Ensure enough cabinet for paper, tools

1.5. Update White board with update-to-date Info

1.5.1. Erase and throw away old announcement

1.5.2. Update contact number, staff attendance etc

2. Customer Visit

2.1. Attend to customer on visit

2.1.1. Handle Customer, Suppliers, Guest on arrival

2.1.2. Ask guests for purpose, arrange for proper seating

2.1.3. Contact colleague about that guests

2.2. Provide water, food

2.2.1. For guests/tenant: provide water if long meeting

2.2.2. Provide Coffee if necessary

2.3. Coordinate with Sale/Admin

2.3.1. For customers/tenant: contact sale staff right away

2.3.2. For suppliers: get invoice. Check with GM or purchasing.

2.4. Note customer name/mobile

2.4.1. If no sale in office, take customer's phone number

3. Staff Attendance

3.1. Take Office Staff Attendnace

3.1.1. Note down all office staffs attendance and put on Excel sheet

3.1.2. Add up monthly attendance end of month

3.2. Take workers staff attendance

3.3. Prepare Monthly Salary Sheet

3.4. Get help from other admin

4. Make Payment

4.1. Pay to suppliers

4.2. Copy all cheque and keep report

5. Manage Storeroom

5.1. Receive incoming stocks

5.2. Keep inventory record

5.3. Order new material for market/workers

5.4. Keep key to storeroom

5.5. sign when taking things out