Map my Learning - Reflection

Map my Learning

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Map my Learning - Reflection by Mind Map: Map my Learning -     Reflection

1. Grammar, punctuation

1.1. Improved over time

1.1.1. Reflection allowed me to identify needs and strengths

1.2. Overall knowledge of rules

1.2.1. Better presentation of written material

2. Morphing of projects

2.1. FERPA

2.1.1. Shifted to Shared google docs

2.2. General population

2.2.1. Shifted to student Shifted to UA Online Students

2.3. Shared google docs benefits

2.3.1. Shifted to collaborative learning using shared google docs

3. Dedication of time

3.1. Identification of time resources

3.2. Allotted time vs. required time

3.2.1. Student perspective

3.3. Allow for flexibility with time

4. Collaborative learning

4.1. Shared Google docs

4.1.1. Peer and instructor supports

4.2. FERPA

4.2.1. Informed consent

5. Phases

5.1. Each project into smaller steps

5.1.1. Allowed for better results

5.2. Length of time, worth the end result

6. Improving preparation

6.1. Preparation allowed for better product

6.1.1. Time well worth it