Fossils IM

Purdue University EDCI 270 Assignment

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Fossils IM by Mind Map: Fossils IM

1. Common Organisms

1.1. Dinosaurs

1.2. Insects

1.3. Plants

2. Interactive Learning

2.1. Quizzes

2.2. Games

2.3. Other websites

2.3.1. Everything Fossils...Fossil Information for Education, Collecting and Fun!

3. How to Uncover Fossils Carefully

3.1. Different brushes and tools have different uses

3.2. be cautious of some fossils being very fragile

4. How to Identify Fossils

4.1. how to arrange fossils to look like the original organism

4.2. how to look at pictures, books, other websites, etcetera to find out what orgaism one has found

4.3. Corythosaurus fossil