History Of Tippecanoe County IM

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History Of Tippecanoe County IM by Mind Map: History Of Tippecanoe County IM

1. Prehistory and Early Contact

1.1. Various Tribes

1.2. Clash of Cultures

1.3. Legacy

2. History of Conflict

2.1. French and Indian War

2.2. Battle of Tippecanoe and War of 1812

2.2.1. Key Figures Tecumseh Tenskwatawa William Henry Harrison

2.3. Indian Removal

3. Economics and Urbanization

3.1. Wabash River

3.2. Lafayette and the railroads

3.3. Surrounding communities

3.4. West Lafayette and Purdue University

4. Continuing History

4.1. Looking back

4.2. Looking ahead