Dr. Linda Manning: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore

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Dr. Linda Manning: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore by Mind Map: Dr. Linda Manning:   The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore

1. @DrLindaManning

2. Intercultural Economist

2.1. Changing demographics in the workplace

2.2. Different cultures can affect the outcomes of something, in way you don't intend

2.3. Grew up in Tripoli, Libya.

2.3.1. Dad followed a cultural norm: kids learn how to ride a bike

2.3.2. But in Libya, you just end up stuck in the sand!

2.4. Moved to England: second lesson of cultural difference

2.4.1. kids didn't trust her, because she was 'american'.

2.4.2. She was suspect.

2.4.3. But she did well, due to Mr. Potter, math teacher he saw a gifted student, not an outsider student Without him, she would not have been able to reach her potential Just one person stepping out from the culutral norm made all the difference

3. Culture operates as a set of rules to live by

3.1. This is what dictates our cultural norms

4. Baby boomers!

4.1. Taking tacit knowledge with them

4.2. Which needs to be built!

4.3. And the workforce is shrinking!

4.4. But it's not! The Canadian workforce is shrinking

4.4.1. With the rise of immigrants, the workforce is growing

4.4.2. But they bring different tacit knowledge

5. Immigrants in the workplace

5.1. Did a survey, found that fitting in is a problem

5.2. Second Problem: recognizing the talents and skills that immigrants bring

5.3. Managers need to learn to deal with these differences in culturally sensitive ways

5.4. And they need to be motivated to do so

6. Issues with manager motivation

6.1. Social Justice

6.1.1. It's a problem: doesn't answer what's in it for me?

6.2. Legal Compiance

6.2.1. It drive people to meet a minimum, not to exceed their potential Such as writing a paper with minimum words, students will never write too much more!

6.3. Self-Interest

7. HireImmigrants.ca

7.1. Addresses the failure to recognize immigrant credentials

7.1.1. Imagine three people solving a problem

7.1.2. One is woman, with an accent, and she's the cleaning lady! but she has an MBA.

7.1.3. Ok, you've got a person here who has not hired for their business expertise who is solving problems.

7.2. Sticky Floor

7.2.1. Skills and competencies not being recognized

7.2.2. Leads to many issues:

7.2.3. Cost to employers, they are most likely to leave, as they are not being recognized Making that change is more difficult They are handed down, learned and rewarded

8. Awareness & Motivation is not enough

8.1. We need Knowledge and Skills

8.2. So that we get new behaviours to a place that is as automatic as our current set of behaviours.

8.2.1. Such as driving home, it is an automatic action But what if you move? You need to develop a new route, develop new knowledge and skills that work for you. And you need to do that over and over again until it becomes natural.

9. Let's make the way we work, work!

9.1. Inclusive Talent Management

9.1.1. Pillars of this model: Manager Only as powerful as the organization that allows them to change Employess Organization

9.1.2. What connects these pillars: Awareness Mindful Action Knowledge and Skills