Sandra Todd: From Homeless Youth to Entrepreneurial Youth

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Sandra Todd: From Homeless Youth to Entrepreneurial Youth by Mind Map: Sandra Todd:  From Homeless Youth to Entrepreneurial Youth

1. Background

1.1. Cree Metis

2. Here to talk about how easy it is to get involved with kids

3. Steps

3.1. 1- connected with the kids

3.2. 2- Found a place to do business

3.3. 3- connected with the public

3.4. 4 - Sold stuff back to public

3.4.1. Got donated junk, fixed it, and sold it back

4. Shops

4.1. Bikes

4.2. nightclub no drugs

4.3. Clothing

4.4. Velveteen vintage

4.5. Fixed skateboards

4.6. Bookstore

5. Kids Culture

5.1. Every day, half the sales went to the kid, half went to rent for the shops

5.2. No panhandling outside the store but you can come in an help

5.3. Two or three kids would run each store

6. Message

6.1. Kids just need someone to reach out and they can do things for themselves.

7. Why they are good at business

7.1. They are peer to peer! They sell to other kids and understand their market.

7.2. Product matching

7.3. Inspiration to others

7.4. Social Media Skills

8. What you can do

8.1. Building confidence

8.2. Giving opportunities

8.3. Talk to them

8.4. Respect them - everything you give them they bring to the next generation

9. Occupy movement is a wakeup call

10. Original Problem

10.1. Street kid says: I AM someone - I'm a street kid

10.2. Street kids had nowhere to go at night but wanted to work

10.2.1. Could not go to the shelters because they were kids

10.3. Connect with street kids

11. Kid said: if this place hadn't been started, I would have died.