Donna Morton: Renewable Energy is First Power

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Donna Morton: Renewable Energy is First Power by Mind Map: Donna Morton:  Renewable Energy is First Power

1. @First_Power

2. Global Indigenous Values

2.1. Equity and reciprocity

2.1.1. How to tap on the communities assets

2.1.2. We have a place we live in. We have to take care of it

2.2. Harmony between us and nature

2.2.1. Where are we going?

2.2.2. What do we want for our children?

2.2.3. Reinvent what community is for managing energy

2.3. Collectivity and solidarity

2.3.1. Creative energy

2.4. Conservation of natural and cultural wealth for future generations

3. Background

3.1. Activist for greenpeace & amnesty international

4. Cleantech

4.1. Technology already exists to create renewable energy

4.2. It is about empowering communities

4.3. Culture

4.3.1. Democratic - committed to human rights

5. World's unreasonable entrepreneur

5.1. Respect each other cultures

5.2. Commited to changing the world

5.2.1. TED is a great venue for this

6. Doesn't feel that enough is changing

6.1. Blessed unrest - Paul Hawken book

6.1.1. Dreams and aspirations can be realized through social technology Restore rightful place for indigenous people Poor people Stop climate change New node

7. Places in the world where indigenous people live

7.1. The old ways

7.1.1. Ancestors knew how to live sustainable

7.1.2. We knew how to be more fair. We still know in our

8. Coast Salish Nation

8.1. Finding out what they do when they work together

8.2. They hear each other and they share stories - This is the creative energy that make things possib;le

9. Power of solar energy

9.1. 1 hr of the sun's power can power the earth for 1 year

9.2. Current energy portfolio is a mess

9.2.1. energy generators today are polluting the environment The Canadian oil tar sands are being criticized all over the world

10. Men and women brain

10.1. Women are required for more collaboration

10.2. Use indigenous wisdom

10.3. Look at the history of colonization that created the people at the bottom of the pyramid

10.4. Brilliant Ideas are available around the world, but we are missing them

10.5. We need artists - collectively sing the songs of this world

10.6. Change solar panels into sources of solar energy - power of culture and power of wisdom

11. Hesquiath Nation

11.1. 100% clean energy

11.2. Next 5 years they will implement clean energy.

11.3. They will build themselves an economy that creates jobs and businesses for entrepreneurs to align with their goals

11.3.1. Social

11.3.2. Ecological

12. Flow with the water

12.1. We should bring these ideas to action no matter how small they are

12.2. I will bring every resource I have to change the world