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Cybele Negris: From There to Here to Where? The Canadian Internet Story by Mind Map: Cybele Negris: 
From There to Here to Where?  
The Canadian Internet Story
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Cybele Negris: From There to Here to Where? The Canadian Internet Story


Canada original web registrar

Technology change

Short-hand in high school

Own a manual typewriter

Did her homework in an electric typewriter

Own a $10K with flopppy disks

Use telex

Her daughter knows how to create a website


1987 Graduating from high school

John Demco - the Godfather of .ca

online identity for all of us Canadians

Canadian internet registration

Grew from 4 to 30 people

11 years since webname 1.8 million web domains

Future, More change in tgechnology, Mobile, 4 billion cell phones, 35 Canadians surfing the internet from a mobile device, Websites on mobile compliant, personalization of the internet, Subscribe to RSSs for news, Record TV programs and wipe out commercials, Make purchasing decisions on friends and peers comments, Buy domain for personal uses .tel .name, 500 new domain extensions .ibm .tedx .john, Companiers can't push advertising any longer - growth in social media - engage customer direct, Crowd sourcing, Product development, Doritos commercial, Fans to produce a commercial and everybody to vote. Winner gets air on superbowl, You are going to be the ones to succeed and overcome the competition, Security, Bad guys - hackers, We are choosing to put our personal information on the internet, Look up for people on facebook, pics, use names as passwords, Resumes on LinkedIn, Year of graduation, Twitter - Where you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, Privacy software is out there, There are no platforms for security -across every platform. Help you adjust you privacy level.

New node

Steve Jobs talks

has more computing than NASA in 1968

Quick Response Codes

Mechanisms to track parts at Totyota

It is used by so many companies: manufacturing, retailers


Send them by email, qwork codes, combining GPS technology

Customers start walking by. You send them a deal and send them into your retail location

Mobile payments

for example parking

New node

Technology will continue to grow

"If everything seems under control you are not going fast enough" - Mario Andretti