Healthy life

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Healthy life by Mind Map: Healthy life

1. Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible every day *Eat legumes regularly * Consume milk and milk products regularly in small quantities. *Eat meat, chicken, eggs and fish regularly in normal quantities. *Care carefully the type of fats and oils in the diet and use them in limited quantity. *Limit the consumption of sugar and sweetened foods and beverages. *Limit the consumption of salt. *Limit the consumption of alcohol. *Keep the energy balance to achieve a healthy body weight. *Drink plenty of water daily.

2. in life we ​​can get a better life because it helps us to strengthen bones and allows us to survive more because the food we use as vegetables, the vegetable ; fruit ,ect helps us a lot for a healthy life

3. That strengthens our healthy life

3.1. Strengthens us a good healthy habit can allow to avoid diseases and improve the quality of life.

4. What is a healthy life

4.1. It is the usual practice of physical exercise and a style and a healthy lifestyle is important for our life and to obtain nutrients to have energy to live.

5. that can help us to live better

5.1. Exercise regularly *Do not smoke * Do not drink too much alcohol and avoid completely * Follow good practices *Eat a healthy diet

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7. what are healthy foods

8. that we can get in life with healthy foods