EDT 180 Quadratic Math Tutorial

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EDT 180 Quadratic Math Tutorial by Mind Map: EDT 180 Quadratic Math Tutorial

1. 1. Intro:The Variables

1.1. Discus the different variables used in the formula. Explain which ones will be solved for.

2. 2. The Formula

2.1. Introduce the formula and it's different components.

3. 3. Solve the formula

3.1. Solve for the formula with the use of any numbers. Only use the variables previously mentioned.

4. 4. Solve easy example

4.1. After solving with variables plug in some actual values. Use easy numbers and go through step by step.

5. 5. Solve hard example

5.1. Choose harder numbers or unexpected scenarios when applying the formula. Explain how to overcome those situations.

6. 6. Outro: Conclusion

6.1. Encourage audience to try some on their own. Thank them for watching.