Australia's Colonisation

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Australia's Colonisation by Mind Map: Australia's Colonisation

1. Convicts

1.1. Too many people in prison in England

1.2. Came for 7 years

1.3. put into jails

1.4. brought on ships

2. British

2.1. British came to Australia with convicts

2.2. Thought Australia had no people

2.3. The British didn't think Aboriginals were human

3. Ships

3.1. People got really sick

3.2. Captain James Cook 'found' Australia

3.3. Captain Arthur Phillip lead the first fleet

3.4. Took 8 months to get to Australia from England

3.5. Less rats on the top deck

3.6. The second fleet - only one ship made it

3.7. 11 ships in first fleet

4. Federation

4.1. in 1901

4.2. The colonies of Australia joined together

4.3. Henry Parkes - wanted federation

5. Aboriginals

5.1. Not happy

5.2. Because the English took their land

5.3. Didn't know who the English were

5.4. Were in Australia for a very long time before James Cook came.

5.5. Got really sick because the English brought diseases

5.6. Stolen Generation

5.6.1. British took aboriginal children