Greek and Roman Myths

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Greek and Roman Myths by Mind Map: Greek and Roman Myths

1. Standards

1.1. 8.RL.1

1.1.1. Read a variety of literature within a range of complexity appropriate for grades 6-8

1.2. 8.RL.2.2

1.2.1. Analyze the development of a theme or central idea over the course of a work of literature, including its relationship to characters, setting, or plot

1.3. 8.RL.3.1

1.3.1. Compare and contrast the structure of two or more related works of literature

1.4. 8.W.1

1.4.1. Write routinely over a variety of time frames for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences

2. Learners

2.1. 8th grade English class

2.2. Many middle schoolers have heard about mythology, but with a smaller understanding

2.3. Most students know about Zeus, starting with him would be a good way to start their thinking

3. Objectives

3.1. Learner abilities after

3.1.1. Understand Greek and Roman myths

3.1.2. Compare and contrast Greek vs Roman

3.1.3. Write about what they know

3.2. Final outcome

3.2.1. One page reflection about their favorite myths and what they learned from this lesson

3.3. Provided resources

3.3.1. Different formats of the myths

3.3.2. Breakdown of characters, settings, and plots

3.4. Learning measurements

3.4.1. Quiz games

3.4.2. Short answer questions

4. Primary Mode of Delivery

4.1. Website

4.1.1. Can have many features Videos Quiz questions Different sections to different myths