Singapore Healthcare System

S253 : Healthcare System Lesson 13 (Nurin Adlina Binte Rossmadi , 16835168) E54E

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Singapore Healthcare System by Mind Map: Singapore Healthcare System

1. Ensuring access to good and affordable healthcare

1.1. Singaporeans can access good healthcare

1.1.1. Healthcare services & facilities Promote health, prevent and reduce illness

1.1.2. Quality & Innovation High quality & Standards Safe & Trusted Accessible & Affordable

1.2. Healthcare Financing

1.2.1. Government Subsidies Community Health Assist Scheme Up to $18.50 per visit ( Pioneers get $28.50)

1.2.2. Universal Medical Coverage Medifund An endowment fund set up by the Government. Provides a safety net for patients who face financial difficulties Medishield Basic health insurance plan Helps to pay for large hospital bills Targets Class B2/C wards Medisave A national medical savings scheme. Helps CPF members put aside part of their income into their MediSave Accounts

2. Common Outcome Indications

2.1. Mortality Rate

2.1.1. Infant mortality rate of 2.0

2.2. Life Expectancy

2.2.1. 81 Years

3. Promoting good health & reducing illness

3.1. National Health Promotion Effort

3.1.1. Health Promotion Board Singapore Launches National Physical Activity Guidelines Get Active, Aim for 150 Minutes a Week, Anytime, Anywhere, to be Healthy

3.2. Focus on preventing illness

3.2.1. Immunizations, improving nutritional intake, and increasing physical activities and emotional well-being.

3.3. Helping to keep a healthy lifestyle

3.3.1. Health Hub Singapore My Healthy Plate Visual guide for creating balanced and healthy meals. Everyone can use My Healthy Plate.

3.4. Having healthy workforce

3.4.1. Tackle the ageing population Number of able bodied workers is low Resort to hiring foreigners who reside in Singapore. Not enough manpower 886,000 people aged 65 and above. (As of 2017.)

3.4.2. Have healthy young population who are able to contribute to society. Helps to improve the nation's economy

4. Pursuing Medical Excellence

4.1. Invest in biomedical research

4.1.1. BIOPOLIS An international research and development center for biomedical sciences in Singapore. Promoting peer review and collaboration among the private and public scientific community.

4.2. Advanced medical research & technology

4.2.1. Helps secure global reputation for safety & quality Harnest information technology SingHealth "HealthBuddy" application Enchanced medical excellence

4.3. Medical School

4.3.1. DUKE @ NUS Medical School A graduate medical school in Singapore. Provide steadfast & well-trained doctors. A collaboration between Duke University from the United States and the National University of Singapore from Singapore. World Reowned teaching

5. Challenges

5.1. Bed Crunch in Nursing Homes

5.1.1. Plan capacity of Nursing Homes

5.1.2. Higher bed capacity to meet the high demands.

5.1.3. Discharge patients with appropriate care settings.

5.2. Increased in ageing population

5.2.1. Shorter working hours for elderly whom reached retirement age.

5.2.2. Phased in retirement, encouraging the older workers to remain in the workforce.

5.2.3. Encourage the older workers to upgrade their skills as technology advances.

5.3. Poor Management

5.3.1. Staffs should not be allowed to work for more than 9 hours per day.

5.3.2. Changing the management system which includes more departments.

5.4. Decrease in local staffs

5.4.1. Increased incentives for workers such as medical expenses.

5.4.2. Allow more student volunteers/ interns

5.4.3. Inspire employees with the passion to serve.