Simple Visual Board with Trello

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Simple Visual Board with Trello by Mind Map: Simple Visual Board  with Trello

1. Build a simple board and illustrate how to use in practice

1.1. Untitled

2. Bridge the gap between THEORY and PRACTICE

2.1. One in a series of tutorial that aim to illustrate how to use VISUAL BOARDS to manage REAL-LIFE projects

2.2. Ultimate goal is to develop a deep understanding of LEAN and AGILE principles, and apply them to other projects

3. Background

3.1. Untitled

3.1.1. Our job in the PROGRAM is to put INSTRUMENTATION on ENGINE parts before they are assembled in the ENGINE

3.1.2. For a given engine, there are 50+ parts to be instrumented


3.2. Untitled

3.2.1. Simple way to represent it is as follows

3.3. Assembly not progressing as planned: SPOT the BOTTLENECK?

3.3.1. What's visible: Assembly not progressing as planned

3.3.2. Management assumption: instrumentation is LATE and causing ENGINE DELAYS

3.3.3. What we did: show the data, in a VISUAL way

4. Implementation

4.1. Tool

4.1.1. Create PROCESS STEPS (COLUMNS) to represent workflow

4.1.2. Create CARDS to represent added-value

4.1.3. UPDATE the board to reflect status in real-time

4.1.4. Create a BACKLOG column Because I'm not interested in Manufacturing/Assembly, I don't show this part of the process. Instead, I have a BACKLOG of all parts that I will one day have to work on

4.2. Process

4.2.1. Continuous updates Update the board when there is a change, or minimum once per week

4.2.2. Weekly Present to stakeholders Look for BOTTLENECKS

4.3. People

4.3.1. Board owner Creates and updates the board

4.3.2. Board viewers Get the status in real time

5. Additional thoughts

5.1. Flow vs. date

5.1.1. Once the right priorities are set, focus FLOW, not DATE

5.1.2. Still possible to COMMIT to a DATE Untitled Updated every time it leaves the column

5.1.3. Problem with dates Doesn't say if EARLY is good or LATE is bad Doesn't say if EARLY because started early or LATE because started late Possible to colour code Untitled


5.2.1. Work is done in "Instrumentation Application", this is an ACTIVITY column

5.2.2. No added value in steps "Part Available in Lab" and "Part Ready for Assembly", the column is a QUEUE


6. What's next?


6.2. Start to play with the features

6.2.1. Labels

6.2.2. Pictures

6.2.3. invite people, leave a comment with @

7. Thank You!