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1. The process of translation

1.1. Between

1.1.1. Two different written languages

1.2. explain

1.2.1. in a way that people will understand easily

1.3. The best translation

1.3.1. that no one recognizes as a translation

1.4. Balance between

1.4.1. fidelity to the source text

1.4.2. readability in the target language

1.5. Golden Triangle

1.5.1. Quality

1.5.2. Time

1.5.3. Price

1.6. Purpose

1.6.1. professional

1.6.2. personal

2. Profession

2.1. Translator

2.1.1. Language professionals

2.1.2. Converts written material from one language into another Newspaper Magazine articles Books Manuals Documents

2.1.3. Bilingualism A good translator is by definition bilingual Differences between Born bilingual Acquired bilingual

2.1.4. Differences between In-House Work for someone else You go to your office in the morning Freelance Cover all their own expenses

2.1.5. Not confuse Interpreter Converts spoken material from one language to another

3. Studies

3.1. Education of a Translator

3.1.1. First background knowledge to work in the field

3.1.2. Second necessary resources to deal with the material

3.2. Types

3.2.1. Pure Theoretical General Partial Descriptive Oriented Product Procesx Function

3.2.2. Applied Translator training Teaching methods Testing techniques Curriculum design Translation aids Dictionaries Grammars Information technology Translation criticism Evaluation of translations Revision Reviews of published translations

3.2.3. Contrastive analysis Study of two languages In contrast in an attempt

4. Other options

4.1. Books translators

4.2. Publishing house