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1. julio ,sonja , anette, cruz

2. General Info

2.1. 1. changing the shape of a protein without breaking a peptide bond is?

2.2. 2. what are the functions of proteins in food?

3. Key Visuals

3.1. Protein sources

3.2. 3

4. Key Vocabulary

4.1. Denaturation- Any change of the shape of a protein molecule without breaking peptide bonds.

4.2. Coagulation- Type of permanent denaturation that result when a liquid or semiliquid protein forms solid or semisoft cloth.

4.3. Gluten- Network of elastic protein strands that give bread dough its structed.

4.4. Protein gel- Mixture of mostly fluids locked in a tangle three-dimesional mesh made of denatured and coagulated proteins.

5. Summary

5.1. hydrophobic side chains enable proteins to form lipo-proteins which are important part of wall cells. Examples the proteins are caseins found in milk ,cheese making , mixture rennin,salts,and acids. The color changes in protein pigments help food science control changes i meat during storage processing.

5.1.1. yes

5.2. proteins can be denatured by a number of physical and chemical methods. The temperature changes.

5.2.1. The form gels and be produced by cooking amylose in liquid to the gelatinazition.

5.2.2. The Millard Reaction

6. pages 311-314

6.1. 311-314