Team 1 Pg.303-306

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Team 1 Pg.303-306 by Mind Map: Team 1 Pg.303-306

1. Key Visuals

1.1. Amino Acids - the organic acids in proteins

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2. Project Team

3. General Info

3.1. 2 assessment questions

4. Key Vocabulary

4.1. Amino acids: Organic acid in protein

4.2. Amine Group: Part of the amino acid structure that contains one nitrogen and two hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom

4.3. Peptide bond: Bond formed between two amino acids when an anime group combines with a carboxyl group and a water molecule is released

4.4. Polypeptide: Chain of multiple amino acids bound together by peptide bonds

4.5. Indispensable Amino Acids: Amino acid that is not naturally found in the body and must be supplied by foods in the diet; also called essential amino acid

4.6. Complete Proteins: Food that contains all the indispensable amino acids

4.7. Incomplete Proteins: Protein that is lacking one or more of the indispensable amino acids needed for human growth

5. Summary

5.1. Introduction-Primary sources of dietary protein are eggs,dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, nuts. These foods provide the body with an important nutrient that serves many functions.

5.2. Structure- Proteins are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Some proteins also contain iron, copper, phosphorus, or zinc.

5.2.1. Amino Acids Essential for Good Nutrition-Two ways to classify amino acids. First:Based on nutritional use. Second: As to the chemical nature of their side chain.

5.3. Amino Acids- Have three basic parts. They have a side chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms, a carboxyl group, and a amine group.

6. Page numbers

6.1. 303-306

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