Queer Black Data - Why are black people important?

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Queer Black Data - Why are black people important? by Mind Map: Queer Black Data - Why are black people important?

1. Questions?

1.1. What is the outlook on healthcare treatments for LGBTQ individuals? What laws have changed? What type of access is need to adequate care?

2. Stereotypes

2.1. Black gay males dress differently and stand out.

2.2. They have unstable home lives and have been rejected by family and friends.

2.3. Particular facial features distinguish the race.

3. Social Media

3.1. Black use on Twitter are known as dossers. Thurston states that some users are saying that there are to many Negros trending for me I'm getting off.

3.2. Black life online shows a digital divide.

3.3. It is scene that black people on Twitter as polluting or having a distaste in others mouth.

4. Racism

4.1. Black data shows that black queers are reduced and that 44% of new HIV infections are among the black queer population. Black queers are twice as likly to experience violence than their white counter parts.

4.2. Black queers are between the scenes and often unseen.

4.3. They are present and can disappear all at the same time.

4.4. Black gay and transgender men endure the highest discrimination rates in healthcare.

5. Controversies

5.1. Obama was raised primarily by a white family. When he took office he overturned many things that the Bush administration put into place. The most controversial was that the administration allowed healthcare providers to deny treatment due to religious beliefs and moral reasoning. Currently in the Trump administration they are encouraging religious freedom for health care workers. They can object to performing gender reassignment surgery.

5.2. s

5.2.1. There are only a few studies that provide adequate data on black queer people. The studies are done with large data points and are inaccurate.

6. Genetic Testing

6.1. Thurston asks "how black are you?"

6.2. Class can be similar and dissimilar or lower or further away. Black are scene as lower or further away.

6.3. Race is not an effect on capitalizing systems.