Global perspectives gcse

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Medium by Mind Map: Medium

1. Leaflet/brochure

1.1. Limitations

1.1.1. Lots of materials and cost needed to distribute them to reach target audience

1.2. Advantages

1.2.1. does not ensure that audience reads everything

2. Video

2.1. Disadvantages

2.1.1. Specific set of skills such as editing are required

3. Poster

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. Simple and easy to create

3.1.2. Versatile

3.2. Limitations

3.2.1. Easily damaged

4. Song

4.1. Disadvantages

4.1.1. Specific set of skill such as composing are required

4.1.2. Can be distracting and audience will not get the point we are trying to get across

4.2. Advantages

4.2.1. If executed well, can be very effective and lots of impact

5. Lessons

5.1. Disadvantages

5.1.1. Can only be seen by audience at certain time and place

6. Cartoons

6.1. Disadvantages

6.1.1. Specific set of skills such as drawing are required

6.2. Advantages

6.2.1. Can be very attracting due to visually pleasing

7. Webpage

7.1. Advantages

7.1.1. Can reach wider range of audience - more awareness

7.1.2. Can be accessed anytime from anywhere

7.1.3. We are familiar with web pages compared to other types of media

8. Presentations

8.1. Disadvantages

8.1.1. Can only be seen by audience at certain time and place

8.2. Advantages

8.2.1. Audience can ask specific questions to us for more understanding