Ch. 11 Proteins (group 1)

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Ch. 11 Proteins (group 1) by Mind Map: Ch. 11 Proteins (group 1)

1. Project Team

2. General Info

2.1. 1. what are the primary sources of proteins?

2.2. Define and illustrate a amine group

2.3. .

3. Key Visuals

3.1. Amino Acids - the organic acids in proteins

3.2. 3

4. Key Vocabulary

4.1. Amino acids - organic acids in protein

4.2. Amine group - one nitrogen and two hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom.

4.3. Peptide bond - bond formed between the two amino acids

4.4. Polypeptide - a chain of multiple amino acids bound together by peptide bonds.

4.5. Indispensable amino acids - amino acids that must be supplied by food in the diet

4.6. Complete proteins - foods that contain all the indispensable amino acids

4.7. Incomplete protein - lacking one or more of the indispensable amino acids needed for growth

5. Summary

5.1. Introduction

5.1.1. Proteins are complex molecules

5.1.2. Primary sources of proteins 1. Eggs 2. Fish 3. Dairy products 4. Nuts 5. Meat 6. Seeds 7. Poultry 8. Legumes

5.2. The Structure of Protein

5.2.1. Protein is primary made of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. But some contain iron,copper,phosphorus and zinc

5.3. Amino Acids Essential for Good Nutrition

5.3.1. there are two types of amino acid classification based on nutritional and chemical uses. your body produces theses amino acids own its own.

6. Page numbers

6.1. 303-306

7. What is a Protein?