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Sales alert by Mind Map: Sales alert

1. User

1.1. Messaging or listening to music

1.2. Heavy technology [mobile] users

1.3. Mainly 10 - 30 years of age

2. Mobile device

2.1. Input touchpad, geolocation sensor

2.2. Smartphone CPU

2.3. Output audio, screen

3. Functionality

3.1. Process user input on service satisfaction

3.1.1. Input service satisfaction from user

3.1.2. Output satisfaction to database

3.2. Process user input on level of interest

3.2.1. Input interest level from user

3.2.2. Use interest data as filter

3.3. Process that accepts inputs to generate a geotargeted output message

3.3.1. Input GPS co-ordinates from geolocation sensor

3.3.2. Input sales message from shop owner

3.3.3. Output sale on screen