FY20 Goals


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FY20 Goals by Mind Map: FY20 Goals

1. MNCs

1.1. Veeva

1.1.1. low penetration into business users Success stories sharing by customers

1.1.2. Not clear how/what they utilize closely working with CSM MSD,Bayer,Astellas,Takeda live and Happy on VCRM

1.2. Outside

1.2.1. low leverage VCRM

1.2.2. low MCM adoption Increase Approved email utilization

2. Domestic

2.1. Veeva

2.1.1. Pricing(sales and service)

2.1.2. service team engagement Deeper and responsive engagement with service team

2.1.3. Our message/Demo Value selling message/slide decks for Korean customers Deep dive & role-based Demos

2.2. Outside

2.2.1. CRM is only SFE

2.2.2. not see the value of MCM

2.2.3. needs for commercial contents Drive commercial contents Sales

3. Market

3.1. Regulations

3.1.1. selling Event Management to MNCs