Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Its importante for teachers to vary the quality of their voces and the volumen they speak at according to the type of les son and the type of activity.

2. The teacher has to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling. This means watching and listening just as carefully as teaching.

3. Deciding how to close to the students you should be when you work with them is matter of appropriacy. All the positions teachers take: *sitting con tus edge of tables. *standing behind a lectern. *standing on raised dais.

4. The teacher in the classroom

4.1. All teachers like all people, have their own physical characteristics and habits, and they will take these into classroom.

5. Proximity

5.1. Teachers need to consider how to close they should be to the students they are working with.

6. Movement

6.1. Most successful teachers move around the classroom to some extent. That way they can retain their students interest or work more closely with smaller groups.

7. Awarennes

8. Using the voice

8.1. How de speak and what our voice sounds like have a crucial impact son class. When considering the use of the voice in the management of teaching.

8.1.1. There are three issues to think about Audibility Teachers need to be audible. They must be sure that the students at the back of the class can hear them just as well as those at the front. Variety Conservation Teachers have to take great care of their voices.

9. Talking to students

9.1. *The way that teachers talk to students. *The manner in which they interact with the students.

10. Giving instructions

10.1. Two rules for givin instructions. *They must be kept as simple as possible. *They must be logical

11. Appropriacy

12. Student talk and teacher talk.

12.1. TTQ: teacher who justo go on and on, using the language which is not especially useful or appropiate, are not offering students the right kind of talking. STT: is maximized, but where at appropiate moments during the lesson the teacher is not afraid to summarize what is happening, tell a story or enter into discussion. *Good teachers use their common sense and experience to get the balance right