Grouping Learners

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Grouping Learners by Mind Map: Grouping Learners

1. Friendship

1.1. Putting students in pairs or groups

1.2. Put friends with friends

1.3. Working with others whom they find difficult or unpleasant

1.4. Use a sociogram, but in order for this to be effective

2. Streaming

2.1. Should be streamed according to their ability

2.2. Create groups in Wich all students are at the same level

3. Chance

3.1. That is for no special reason of friendship

3.2. Depending upon the size of the class

3.3. In the order of their birthdays

3.4. Then group the first five, the second five and so on

4. The task

4.1. Sometimes the task may determine who works with whom

4.2. If we want students from different countries

4.3. Cultural practices

5. Changing groups

5.1. The group may change while an activity continues

5.2. Put students in groups at the begining of an activity doesn't mean than they have to stay in these groups until the end

6. Gender and student's

6.1. May not be appropriate to have men and women working together

6.2. This specially true in business English groups where different tiers of management

7. Before

7.1. Follow an egage-instructor-indiate sequence

7.2. Task is often helped by giving students a time when activity should finish

8. During

8.1. We can then decide whether to go over and help them

8.2. We can act as prompter, resources or tutor

9. After

9.1. We want to let them discuss what occurred during the group work session

9.2. Where students have produced a piece of work