Chopin- What makes him a creative genius?

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Chopin- What makes him a creative genius? by Mind Map: Chopin- What makes him a creative genius?

1. High education

2. Attitude

2.1. Positive and Work invested attitude

2.2. Despite knowing he was dying, made joke of it (i.e. Funeral March)

3. Culture

3.1. Polish culture had influence

3.1.1. Polonaises, Mazurkas**

3.2. French upper class

3.3. Well educated

3.4. Start of Romantic Era

3.5. Vienna influence

4. Ressources

4.1. George Sand - took care of him while sick

4.2. Publishers who waited for him- no pressure for creating output

5. Knowlege

5.1. Knowledge of forms and previous musical styles

5.2. Distinguished education

6. Habitat

6.1. Upper class/middle class

6.2. Connections to Poland (i.e birthplace)

6.3. Habitat had to do with his deteriorating health (Summer in Majorca)

7. Imagination

7.1. Created new forms

7.1.1. redefined the Nocturne

7.2. One of the most memorable composers of the romantic era

7.3. Eminently creative